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Mobile App

During mobile applications course, we help youth to come up with innovative ideas and assist them technically to convert their ideas into a reality.

Design Thinking

Creative problem solving and design thinking skills are in popular demand in today’s workforce.  Design Thinking Bootcamp is a beginner-level, 2-3 day, hands-on workshop that teaches participants how to methodically innovate.

Digital Skills for youth

We provide digital skills for youth which is basic needs in workplace; we offer different courses including digital literacy and digital inclusion for emerging groups.

UI & UX Design​

We use the best tools in the industry to innovate and projects which discover the skills needed to become a graphical sage and communicator through image making and learning interface design, motion graphics, and editorial design.


This course prepares youth to learn STEM to build robotics and start programming, and solve problems using STEM skills. For first time as Somalia National Team we partnered with First Global Challenge to empower the youth to be part of the generation that will change the world.