About Initiative

Bilan Codes is a Social Enterprice and nongovernmental organization that empowers youth and specially the girls and women to build skills and pursue careers in the technology sector. The initiative is helping both girls and Somali companies to reap the benefits of greater female participation in the workforce. Since its establishment, the center has trained a number of graphic designers, mobile app and software developers. programs dedicated to Somali girls to widen their employment opportunities in the fastest growing ICT and science jobs market.
Gender gap in STEM fields in Somalia is arguably wider than that of the rest of sub-Saharan countries as the country’s educational infrastructure and social services were destroyed and weakened by the armed conflicts of the last decades. But, now, the country seems to be recovering from those years of unrest and it is embracing reforms.
Yet the ongoing state building process and political reforms only focuses on re-establishing political participation of women but lacks a focus on shrinking the gender gap in technology and ICT sector that would have increased the employment opportunities of Somali women in the Computer Science field.
Addressing that issue, Bilan Codes see as a core component of social reconstruction and one of the best and easiest ways to address gender in-equalities in Somalia. Without giving sincere consideration to the longstanding under-representation of women in the ICT sector, effective social justice and economic development will remain elusive.


Our mission is to empower young Somali girls with coding skills and necessary computing tools they need to unleash their potentials and create opportunities for themselves.


Our vision is to see gender parity in technology sector in Somalia

Core Values

  • Empowerment
  • Innovation
  • Excellence
  • Parity


• Shrinking under representation of girls in technology sector.
• Girls career development in ICT.
• Helping girls harness their entrepreneurship potentials.
• SDGs through gender parity in technology.